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    Cultural centre:
    – Chinese language courses;
    – Organization and support of tourist visits;
    – Organization of lectures, seminars, presentations, conferences, forums;
    – Exchange and provision of training for teachers, students, postgraduates, as well as acquaintance with the achievements, knowledge and skills in science, technology, education between China and Ukraine;
    – Organization of cultural events.

    One Belt One Road Initiative Cultural Industries Center of The International Cooperation in Ukraine was established in 2017 as a response to the trend of the times and is intended to provide a better service for construction of One Belt One Road Initiative.

    China’s One Belt One Road Initiative is a great strategy. And as a worldwide model of the emerging globalization economy, the construction of “One Belt and One Road” is not only China’s issue but is also the subject the whole world. Looking back at the thousands years history of development, the Silk Road brought China’s material and spiritual culture to the world and spread it quickly to the four continents via the Silk Road. The Silk Road did not only spread in terms of space but it was also spreading in respect of the time as well. Moreover, until today, the countries involved along the Silk Road have benefited greatly. Human society has always been full of striving and pursuit for beautiful life. The “One Belt and One Road” initiative is committed to narrowing the development gap. It is a blueprint for the century that runs through ancient and modern times, co-ordinates land and sea and faces to the world; it abides by the principle of jointly construction and sharing and gives all countries the right to participate in global affairs on an equal footing.

    One Belt One Road Initiative Cultural Industries Center of The International Cooperation in Ukraine makes the advantages of overseas immigrant affairs resources yield well in order to promote international cooperation on the basis of One Belt One Road Initiative.

    Trying to give full play to the advantages of overseas immigrant affairs resources, overseas Chinese immigrants and ethnic Chinese people have engraved the traditional Chinese cultural heritage and virtue, as well as appreciation and understanding of local culture, thus they have more potential to share resources and experiences of cooperation with Chinese enterprises with the Ukrainian community and SMEs.

    It has become a need of modern civilization to promote cooperation in the cultural industries and fit in with the win-win cooperation on the basis of equality and mutual benefit on order to provide a better serve for construction of One Belt One Road Initiative.One Belt One Road Initiative has brought many opportunities for cooperation between two countries. Ukraine has great potential for cooperation with China. During the period of favorable development in the trade relations between the two countries, One Belt One Road Initiative Cultural Industries Center of The International Cooperation in Ukraine will do its utmost, in order to promote economic and trade cooperation, but also will do a great job to become a messenger of cultural transmission on the Silk Road and do a promotion of cultural industries.

    Through various forms of cooperation in field of sports culture, arts and culture, Chinese education, Chinese and Western medicine and modern science and technology, as well as with aid of various forms of public activities in order to enhance the cooperation and development in all fields of culture between the two countries, and to optimize cooperation achievements and enhance friendship and mutual trust between two nations.

    As Chinese saying goes:

    Every form of beauty has its uniqueness

    Precious is to appreciate other forms of beauty with openness

    If beauty represents itself with diversity and integrity

    The world will be blessed with harmony and unity