First direct container train from China has arrived to Ukraine.

Ivan Yuryk, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Ukrainian Railways, in his press conference  confirmed that the train crossed 4 countries in 15 days, covering 9,000 kilometers.  “This is a historic moment and the first container train on the Chinese-Ukrainian railway. Taking into account the constant strengthening of economic and trade relations between our two countries, it is important to establish high-quality transport logistics. Rail container transportation is a really reliable, cheap and convenient way of transportation. The train consists of 31 assembly platforms with 41 40-foot containers. This train carries drill rods, medical equipment, gasoline cleaning equipment and consumer goods in Ukraine. ”

It has arrived at Kyiv-Lisky railway station on June 8th, 2020.   In the past, 10 transit container trains between China and EU countries passed through Ukraine.