About us

The Ukrainian-Chinese International Business Center  is a one-stop business center located in Kyiv, Ukraine that aims at promoting the development of bilateral business cooperation between Ukraine and China  enhancing the growth of the market economy of both countries.

Having more than 19 years of experience in providing an extensive range of professional services in business, law, logistics, investments, exhibitions organization and more, the Business Center ensures the problem solving solutions based on efficiency and customer-oriented management.

We understand the complexities of Ukrainian and Chinese markets, the nuances of diverse cultures and serve as the bridge for improving communication between Ukraine and China in matters of international trade and commercial affairs.

The partners of the Business Center are chambers of commerce, regional development organisations, research institutes, universities, technology centres and innovation centres. Their specialised knowledge of the local and regional business environment allows to offer real added-value to our clients.

The Ukrainian-Chinese International Business Center is uniquely positioned to serve its clients interests in Ukraine and China and functions  as a trust platform to collaborate and build mutually beneficial cross – border relations.