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    About us

    The Ukrainian-Chinese International Business Center was founded in 2010. After a few years of business practice, we accumulated a lot of experience that led to the reorganization of the Center in 2017. The Business Center began to provide services that are more integrated. We became an important partner of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in terms of all-round cooperation.

    The main task of the Center is to serve the development of bilateral business cooperation between Ukraine and China, as well as to contribute to the promotion of the full potential of the resources of the two countries.

    Modern China has chosen atypical way of independent development where Chinese   modern economy has the highest growth rate surpassing other countries in the world. Chinese development is the result of the productive work of a great nation.

    The main objective of the Ukrainian-Chinese Business Center is to contribute to the long-term development of the Ukrainian economy through the development of human and physical resources of Ukraine and China. The Center also determined to enhance the growth of the market economy by improving communication between Ukraine and China in matters of international trade and commercial affairs.

    The Ukrainian-Chinese Business Center is enlightened in regard to the important information on trade between Ukraine and China, business activities, as well as information about Ukraine and China in general, which allows us to assist our clients in solving business issues within a short time.

    Currently, bilateral cooperation between Ukraine and China in economy and trade, infrastructure construction, energy resources, finance, science and technology, light industry, agriculture, agro-processing, food industry, culture and education, etc. continuously expands, therefore the friendly relations between the two nations develop and enhance. The need for understanding Chinese culture increases among Ukrainians, at the same time more and more Chinese strive to expand the boundaries of economic and commercial cooperation.

    The Business Center organizes various types of commercial events including exhibitions and expositions, provides advisory and logistic services, and collaborates with research projects. The Center coordinates and assists the public organizations of both countries in conducting business events and business summits in order to establish good partnership relations between the two.

    The Ukrainian-Chinese International Business Center stimulates the development of cooperation between Ukraine and China and optimizes the results of cooperation between the parties by providing services in business, law, transport, culture and physical education, Chinese and Western medicine, modern science and technology, IT, etc.

    Modern Chinese culture has a long history of civilization. According to the historical records, Chinese culture has been existing for over 3500 years, however experts believe that Chinese civilization arose at least five thousand years ago. Various architectural monuments and modern buildings in China together with the engineering achievements is a unique and priceless legacy for the world. So far, there is a lot of interest in China worldwide; people strive to learn more about China. It is one of the best tourist places in the world with the nature that fascinates everyone.

    Modern Ukraine combines a long-standing history and solid traditions; it is the second largest country in Europe territory wise. There are many ancient architectural and natural monuments. Moreover, Ukraine has preserved its multifunctional buildings that have been developed and modernized from the time of Kyiv Rus to the stage of modern infrastructure. Ukraine has an excellent geographical position, it is located at the intersection of the Eastern European transport routes, and it is also a good choice for tourists.

    The Business Center strives to build a bridge of friendship between Ukraine and China. The Center ensures professional customer services, provides the best problem solving solutions. It is a platform to collaborate and build mutually beneficial and friendly relations between various business representatives.